A service / tool to view older revisions of an online news article, Good Idea?

The internet is a dynamic place and there are millions if not billions of new news articles every second. News actually changes a lot too. The first published article of a new news item is often very different from the article a day later.

I was wondering what the first published article was and what changed over the last day when I read something recently.

You often see when they last updated an article, but you can't see WHAT they updated in this article. So what if there was a service or a tool that tracks all big major news outlets and websites on changes in articles, so you can review an earlier version of this article?

Why might this be handy you think? News outlets nowadays don't release news with such a care as they did before. They put stuff out there without really checking and confirming facts, they use other unreliable news outlets and blogs to get their news.

This tool or possible service might make it easier for people to find reckless faults and / or confirm or measure a source their credibility. What do you light-bulb people think? Is a tool like this legal to charge money for? Who would make use if this the most? Let me know your thoughts :)

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