An academically led government

I've grown really tired of career politicians and their short-sightedness. I mean, a politician makes changes based on their term, how it affects them and the short-term. It's a natural by-product of our system.


50% of government are voted in by the people. Let's call this the traditional half. I know there are massive differences between say UK (me), US, and other politics, but lets simplify. The traditional 50% are voted in representing areas/constituencies .

The other 50% of government is voted in by the leading academics of that country. These people are voted in, almost like a national service. Voted for by fellow academics, broken down into the main industries/social areas. So finance, healthcare, military etc etc.

Perhaps each of the leading Universities could have one, two or a handful of representatives. So UK could have 3 from Oxford, 3 from Cambridge, University College London, St Andrews and so on.

The idea being that instead of politics being fought on an essentially PR and Marketing theatre, these battles would take place within Academic circles. And therefore the reputations of these academics, Doctors and Professors would be a primary motivator, as opposed to corporate sponsorship and marketing to the public.

OK, so there are still teething issues. I'd imagine academics are equally tempted by corporate money as career politicians. But still, at least we'd have clever people with a major say in the country instead of the likes of George Osbourne - our Chancellor of the Exchequer - he has a degree in History and the closest economic qualification is an O Level math.

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