An academically led government

I've grown really tired of career politicians and their short-sightedness. I mean, a politician makes changes based on their term, how it affects them and the short-term. It's a natural by-product of our system.


50% of government are voted in by the people. Let's call this the traditional half. I know there are massive differences between say UK (me), US, and other politics, but lets simplify. The traditional 50% are voted in representing areas/constituencies .

The other 50% of government is voted in by the leading academics of that country. These people are voted in, almost like a national service. Voted for by fellow academics, broken down into the main industries/social areas. So finance, healthcare, military etc etc.

Perhaps each of the leading Universities could have one, two or a handful of representatives. So UK could have 3 from Oxford, 3 from Cambridge, University College London, St Andrews and so on.

The idea being that instead of politics being fought on an essentially PR and Marketing theatre, these battles would take place within Academic circles. And therefore the reputations of these academics, Doctors and Professors would be a primary motivator, as opposed to corporate sponsorship and marketing to the public.

OK, so there are still teething issues. I'd imagine academics are equally tempted by corporate money as career politicians. But still, at least we'd have clever people with a major say in the country instead of the likes of George Osbourne - our Chancellor of the Exchequer - he has a degree in History and the closest economic qualification is an O Level math.

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A service / tool to view older revisions of an online news article, Good Idea?

The internet is a dynamic place and there are millions if not billions of new news articles every second. News actually changes a lot too. The first published article of a new news item is often very different from the article a day later.

I was wondering what the first published article was and what changed over the last day when I read something recently.

You often see when they last updated an article, but you can't see WHAT they updated in this article. So what if there was a service or a tool that tracks all big major news outlets and websites on changes in articles, so you can review an earlier version of this article?

Why might this be handy you think? News outlets nowadays don't release news with such a care as they did before. They put stuff out there without really checking and confirming facts, they use other unreliable news outlets and blogs to get their news.

This tool or possible service might make it easier for people to find reckless faults and / or confirm or measure a source their credibility. What do you light-bulb people think? Is a tool like this legal to charge money for? Who would make use if this the most? Let me know your thoughts :)

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Easter egg wiki/app

Hello everyone ! I have a great idea of making a website dedicated to Easter eggs and pop-culture references. I would also want to make it visual so a user could see how the Easter eggs and references could connect in addition to traditional boring wiki pages. Do you guys think people would be interested in this kind of thing ?

My main concern is that people would just google for the Easter eggs they would want to find instead of going to this site dedicated 2 it.

What do you guys think ?!

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Slow down the evolution of antibiotic resistance by getting people to take several different antibiotics at once.

Or avoid taking them one at a time, to put it another way.

If a population of a type of bacteria is treated with antibiotic A, maybe an individual in the population happens to randomly have resistance. Then that individual reproduces, and maybe it escapes into the wild, and later on has to be treated with antibiotic B, but by this point in time it has formed a second large population, so there's a chance of another individual appearing in the new population which has resistance to both A and B. The longer the gap between the first and second treatment, the larger the population, the greater the chance.

So using the antibiotics one at a time is setting evolution up with nice easy incremental steps. Use both A and B together in the first place, and the odds are much better of the whole original population being wiped out, including any mutant that could resist one of either A or B.

I don't know if it's actually OK to mix antibiotics like this, I was just amused by the thought, because standard wisdom for avoiding resistant bugs is "go easy on antibiotics", yet maybe if you're going to use them at all it's most ethical to gobble down every kind in sight. If you're going to challenge the bacteria with a fence to jump over, make it a really high fence.

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If someone figured out an easy way to peel baked potatoes, you could make yourself personal plate of mashed potatoes in like 5 mins (depending on potato size)

That's about all there is to it. I've managed to peel them before by hand it can be surprisingly easy sometimes, but it takes a while and burns your hands. I've seen people who just steam peeled potatoes by covering them in plastic wrap, but if there was some crazy gadget or something it could be even more painless.

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Idea for a Horror Game

Ok, so I've seen a lot of concepts/games that are similar to this, but none that tie everything together.

The basic idea is a horror game that punishes you for being scared. The more scared you are, the more scary things happen, and the more scared you get, etc.

This is an online multiplayer game that needs a few peripherals. The game is played through VR, every user needs to have a mic, and everyone needs to be hooked up to a heart rate monitor (This could be plugged into a USB port or something, I'm imagining it to be like the Nintendo Vitality Sensor.

The basis of this game is very similar to Left 4 Dead or Evolve, with bits of Amnesia mixed in. There are 4 "Survivors" who are trying to defeat 1 "Monster". The monster's goal is to kill all 4 survivors. The monster cannot see very well, so everything appears blurry to him. However, it has incredible hearing. If the survivors say anything, or their heart rate increases, the Monster is able to hear this in order to pinpoint the location of the Survivors. So the survivors have to stay as quiet as possible to win. The monster cannot be hurt or killed.

The maps will all be user-generated. Each map will be required to have an objective that the survivors need to do in order to win (steal an artifact and return it to their base, restore electricity to a mansion in order to call for help, escape a forrest, etc.). Each map that is used is a random map taken from the monster's maps (e.g. if I'm the monster, the map that is used for that game is taken from the maps I have created, so I know the territory). The map can be covered in all sorts of jump scares are scary elements in order to try and get the survivors to cry out or have their heart rates increase. The maps can also have weaker AI monsters to act as jump scares/scouts, these CAN be killed.

Survivors can be one of several classes, here's just a few but I'm probably going to come up with quite a lot to add variety.

Soldier: Can deal out damage, but guns make a lot of noise

Engineer: Can interact with electrical equipment

Medic: Heals wounded/dead allies

Monster Hunter: Can Sense/Track/Find monsters with ease

Thief/Ninja: Can hide his heartbeat/voice from the monster for periods of time

Inventor: Can build useful gadgets using parts from around the map

Journalist: Can use the keyboard to send text-messages to teammates (there will be no team chat in the game).

Demolitions Expert: Can break into locked doors

Exorcist: Can repel monsters for a short period of time

Detective: Can use clues to figure out information about the map layout

Hopefully, the map building can be completely open source and players could even make their own monsters/scary things/other elements and add them into the game, keeping the game fresh and unique.

The 2 main problems I see are:

  1. The tech isn't quite there yet. I think have a mic, vital reader, AND a VR headset is a bit much, plus, it's going to be hard to play a PC game when one of your fingers has a big sensor on it.

  2. Staleness, this game requires fear to be interesting, and if a player plays the game and sees all there is to see, then the game becomes less scary and the entire idea goes out the window, this is why the player-based map building is so important, as well as having regular updates of scares/scary elements from both the designers and players alike in order to keep things fresh.

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