A forum with £1 entry fee per month. Each month everyone in the forum submits and votes on questions. The highest voted question becomes Question Of The Month. People then post their best answer to said question, and the most up-voted answer wins the subscription money.

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Would you watch/subscribe to this? Good idea or not?

I've been considering making a Youtube channel where I would just post a daily 2-5 minute video that recaps the important news of the day...politics, world news, health, finance, sport, etc...whatever I judge to be important.
I feel like people nowadays are so rushed that they don't take time to stay up to date with the world...I talk to so many of my fellow students at university and they are largely out of touch with what is happening in the world. I asked 10 people today about the fire in Fort McMurray and only 2 of them had even heard about it.
The thinking behind this series of daily videos is obviously that condensing all sorts of news into a max of 5 minutes a day is short enough to capture attention and be informative/entertaining enough to be worth watching.

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Every picture in the universe

The library of babel is a website that has every single combination of lower-case letters, commas, space an periods of up to 3200 symbols. On one page in this website there is a description of how you are going to die, what your job will be and etc. This is a real website :

Now this got me thinking, could we do the same with pixels?

A computer can showcase about 16.8 million different colors, and a facebook profile picture (for example) consists of a minimum of 160x160 pixels. Now this got me thinking, could you create every image ever with the same methods used in the Library of Babel? so far my answer to this is yes, but I am only some random 16 year old kid from Norway that has no experience whatsoever with these kind of ideas.

Let's say Library of Babel starts out with 3200 letters of a, then abaaaaaaaa etc., pretty sure they didn't start out that way, but let's say they did. This could very well be translated over to pixels as long as you have a limit, whether it's 160x160 or 1920x1080.

So if you start with the first pixel in the lower left corner, and make that the next shade of white on the 16.8 million color spectrum we could keep doing that till we have all the combinations. Just for fun we could calculate how many different pictures there would have been. Now I am pretty bad at math, but in order to find out the amount of pictures I multiplied 160 times 160 and got 25600. I then multiplied that by 16.8 million and got this huge number I have no idea how to pronounce: 430080000000

Now what is so interesting about this you may ask? Or you may be sweating in excitement because of this concept, I don't know. haven't really shared the idea to anyone before.

Well the very cool part about this is that if I, in 2085, when I will be 85 (hard math) decide to take a futuristic selfie of my very old self and my grandkids and use that as my profile picture, then it won't be the first time that picture was "made"! Let's say I, or anyone for that matter, make a website of this, making this concept into reality and make it also a search engine, just for fun, like Google has. You know the one where you can drag in a picture and see where that picture has been used across the internet? Anyways. If I then did a search with that very picture that I just took, then I could find the same EXACT photo only that it was made by a computer back in the old days of 2016!

So if someone made this today, then you could browse through the trillions of combinations and find a picture of your future self, the formula to cure cancer or even a naked photograph of your hot neighbor!!

All that through the power of science

If you have any idea of this being possible, any experience, questions or anything like that please send me a mail or maybe just a tweet @Trulstei117 or [email protected]

If you win a nobel prize for bringing this idea to life then I better be in your speech, Truls Steinsvik, the next master genius that gave away his billion dollar idea for free over the internet. A true genius indeed.

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A ‘Shazam’ type app for movies?

I know if you can recognize one of the actors in a movie you can search through their IMDb forever trying to find it, but I just feel like this would be easier. I really needed it once when I was trying to figure out what movie I was watching that had Will Ferrell in it that I didn't recognize.

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What do you guys think about a curated, crowdsourced guide to learning things?

I wanted to create a learning community, much like hackernews, which would essentially be a series of guides that can be promoted or downvoted based on their quality. These would be used more as references, perhaps indicating the best way to go about learning something. The usecase would be this: You're confused by all the resources teaching javascript, so you go on this and see a guide called intro to javascript that has been upvoted 2,000 times. There's a pretty good chance that this would be a great guide outlining resources and ways to get started, so you're set! I think it would a great tool for those starting out learning various disciplines, especially computer science.

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Toilet/dehumidifier combo

Instead of all the water collecting in a bucket to be dumped out it goes into the water tank of the toilet for the next flush. Obviously it would still need a water line for back up, but I would bet I could get two flushes a day.

I think it would be great for basement bathrooms.

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